A Revolution in Ventilation Fan Technology—Engineered to Increase Your Profitability.

We didn’t just change one thing to make installation faster—we changed everything. From our unique telescoping mounting frame that fi ts through retrofi t drywall openings without a need for attic access to our easy-to-insert snap-in blower and housing, we’ve designed the ULTRA™ Series to be the fastest, easiest, most universal installation. Don’t let the uncertainty of what’s behind the drywall stand in your way. Take on any installation knowing that ULTRA™ Series Ventilation Fans and Fan/Lights will make it easier and faster—up to 60% faster in retrofi t installations and up to 20% faster in new construction. Because you don’t make money by wasting time. 

Just as important, you can confi dently install the ULTRA™ Series knowing it meets all whole-house mechanical ventilation codes and green building program requirements.

Broan-Ultra-no-light Broan-Ultra-Light-Fan

ULTRA Series Fans & Fan/Lights Performance Data

From sound levels of <0.3 sone—the lowest rating achievable—to miserly wattage levels and incredible power under static pressure, ULTRA™ Series delivers performance for today’s demanding requirements.



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